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gear stuff

(Faster Farter unfortunately was a CV-19 casualty)

Reivers Dustin
01/15/19 #24245

Who'd got some kind of killer gear that isn't widely known? Here's some of my more recent discoveries:
The newer NRS booties and hydroskins have a fuzzy liner. It makes a huge difference in helping manage temperature. I just bought these this fall and working great.

My neoprene pogies have always chewed knuckle skin. LB just gave me some nylon shell pogies with a little fuzz on the inside. Work well so far. I heard Deep Cove used to have these. This might be a window of op. for Faster Farther. Most pogies out there are meant for algae sniffer type paddlers - not so good for re-entry, tend to be too heavy.

Micheal M has a light weight ball cap that covers ears and has a chin strap. For the big wind paddles it's such a pain to struggle with your hat. His is from Dakine. Rybzyc has one from Austrailia that I liked, but mine busted the chin strap. I don't know how you guys can stand it with no brim on your hat. The water spray goes right for the eyeballs.

I have some dark glasses from Australia with a strap across the back. They are great, but they don't quite ride so good on my face. I'm a little too big in the nose region. And ok guys. Don't start sending me boxes of those goofy glasses with the nose and mustache attached.


Nicholas Cryder
01/15/19 #24246

Awww, thanks for the mention Rievers.

A little background on the new Alpha Shorts and how hard it was: We started with shorts designed them for paddlers who have shower dread at the end of a 2 hour saltwater session. When I was training for Vancouver Island, I did a lot of 18 hour days in salt water. l became manic obsessed with the mission to design a short that doesn’t eat your a$$ and dangly bits. It was nothing short of a moon mission, and I discovered (painfully) over the course multiple rounds of prototypes and a few missing “asstronaughts” what works and what doesn't. Once we had a design that didn’t feast on me, I invited over 20 different self-confirmed rashers to test these bad boys make sure we had cracked the code. We had lots of feedback and good suggestions on the fine details, and lots of burly and slightly-too-long-for-hetero-comfort bear hugs for dealing with a dastardly issue. Paddle rash sucks. It needed to be cured. I think we did it. I could geek out on how this works with the overall details, but I’ll just say that a slippery, seam-free butt is a very happy but. Amen.

Next up are some big ideas in a flotation and cold water gear. I like many of you spend a hulluva lot of time in very cold water that has a similar ability to negatively affect dangly bits and digits. Our sport (SS and OC) is very unique. We need unique gear inspired to perform. Onward.

Reivers Dustin

01/15/19 #24247

I forgot a couple things:
1) I now think full wetsuit is better than drysuit. But be sure to get very high quality, high flexability wetsuit. Quality fit is important. Mike Hammer has one that has fuzz inside, “Rip Curl” I think. This makes huge difference for heat management and rash control. I don't wear full wetsuit unless it's a big cold storm paddle. So for example, today was plenty cold. We plowed ice in the marina. But with no wind, the chill was nothing and guys were peeling off layers all over.
2) I've worn 'JL Racing' unisuit under most of my wetsuit stuff for years. David S. told me about them and mentioned go to the “Bargain” section for cheaper deal. If you actually care about your appearance, Sound Rowers has a registered Logo with JL. This is another rash defense layer and if the FasterFarther stuff works I would jettison the unisuit. I take a lot of crap from The Barnacles for wearing one. You know, like do I have “depends” under there, etc. etc.


Michael Lampi
01/16/19 #24248

Wow! I never realized that paddling could be such a pain in the nether regions! As a pedaler I have never encountered any such issues, though perhaps if my bottom was closer to the water it would be a different story.

Michael Lampi

Carl Tessmann
01/16/19 #24249

I learned early as a runner that any effort over 2 hours requires a generous coating of Body Glide – especially in areas with extra moving parts. But seamless smoothness in a paddling short sounds lovely. Curious if we get a bit more length in the legs? Some of those other paddle shorts make me overcompensate for my insecurities with an exaggerated strut, and I’m not much of a strutter so it gets awkward.

I’ll drop you a line about kitting out our club, Nicholas.

Reivers Dustin

01/16/19 #24250

I have a problem with the longer leg shorts: they crawl down to my knees. If the shorts have shorter legs then they stay put. So I have to pull the legs up all the time on the longer legging things. This is all because of the new fad thing of having baggies. When I was a kid men's short pants were short because you didn't want any more stuff on you legs than was decent. Nowadays you can't buy a pair of men's shorts that don't cover your knees. I ain't a banger. not tryin to carry anything under there. in cool water the shrinkage keep anything from peeking out.

Or maybe it's my chicken-stik legs. bad-hair, don't care. just want shorts that stop at mid-thigh. like the women get to have.


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