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Cable replacement

02/14/14 #15376

Hi All, I snapped the cable on my S1-X special and checked all over town for replacement parts. The Huki website sells a complete kit for $60 (adjustable) plus shipping. I can find the cable in town but the crimped ends that tie into the rudder assembly are not available. Although I could probably fabricate a different system for less money, the Huki design seems fairly bullett proof and light. What are you guys and gals doing for steering system replacement? Is the replacement kit from Huki the best option? Thanks Eddie

Reivers Dustin
02/14/14 #15377

My S1-X had the older style rudder system so I upgraded to get the more bullet-proof rig. It included the crimp ends. I chatted with Jude quite a bit about how to properly crimp since these style have the long barrell “eye” fitting. The correct crimp device is very expensive (thousand$). The genuine rigging shops have them (I talked to one in Seattle and one in Vancouver, BC). Vice Grips work pretty good.

You can do a good job with the 1/8“ SS cables and copper crimps as many of us have (LB has besides me). Hardware Sales has best stuff back in their rigging shop. Take care to avoid sharp bends (use ferrels, etc.) Take extreme care that you have a good finished product: busted rudder system is verry verry baaad.

For further reading: crimping systems, wire rope fastening, dissimilar metals, stress driven corrosion. There is some really groovy materials science because over-stress will alter metalurgy (leads to corrosion failure) so the alloy, and temper of the metals are balanced with how much deformation is supposed to be applied.


David Scherrer

02/14/14 #15378

Two words…..Hardware Sales….

02/15/14 #15379

One non word……..LFS

02/15/14 #15380

I put together a setup using new cable, thimbles, ferules and double crimping everything. It cost me about $25 and I was able to get almost everything at the local (Ace) hardware store. Crimping is the interesting part and I will see if my crude method holds up in the pond (padden) today. The most difficult part was getting the cylinder shaped ferules aligned and in the right position at the front of the cable which allows for pedal adjustability. Thanks for the replys Eddie

Reivers Dustin
02/15/14 #15382

hehe, LFS is not a word, but you're right, they have a ton of rigging hardware. LFS is the place to go if you misplace a hatch lid.

paul clement
02/15/14 #15383

Mickey Bevans has a nice pair of intelligently modified vice grips that I used when I did mine (ordered from Jude). It worked like a charm.

02/16/14 #15384

Speaking of Mickey, he just retired from the City after 30 years of service. He is a great guy and I wish him the best!

Reivers Dustin
02/16/14 #15385

Mickey is the reason there is a Wed Niter.

paul clement
02/16/14 #15388

He IS a great guy. I couldn't ask for a better, more helpful neighbor. I will be digging him to get back out this summer. He continues to recover from all the medical procedures his previous life earned him. I will give him everyone's best.

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