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Afternoon session

Eric Grossman
01/15/11 #9905

Missed the morning session, so waited for the ebb and a little more wind. Between 2 and 430 was pretty fun up along the wall and some gusty winds 20-30 mph spinning out of Chuckanut Bay made for fun waves on the way back.

The highlight was seeing what looked like an off-white river otter on the rocks near the tunnel, although it looked hurt and was hobbling to get back in the water. Has anyone seen light-colored river otters alongshore? I know my sea otters…this was way slimmer like river otters I see along Skagit Bay. Maybe it was just old and grey.

Re: Afternoon session
Reivers Dustin

01/16/11 #9906

I haven't seen a river or sea otter in years. I've only seen one sea otter a long time ago (around here). The off-white would be like that Gary Larson cartoon where the deer has a bulls-eye on it and the other deer is saying, “bummer of a birthmark, Fred.”

LG was saying there was news of a confirmed bottle-nosed dolphin sighting in the San Juans. Eric G mentioned a small shark bumping into his boat on a glass-flat day. I suspect it was a dog-fish. They are in the shark family and there used to be many, many of them around here. I remember seeing dozens of them thrown out on the beach at the reservation. Friends with power boats told me about seeing a thick carpet of dogfish just below the surface that stretched for miles (North of Orcas, around Shaw).


Re: Afternoon session
John Rybczyk

01/16/11 #9907

There are actually quite a few river otters that hang out in these waters. One regularly patrols the area around the Bellingham Bay Community Boat Center and the Padden Creek estuary. I've also seen them from the Nooksack Delta to Clayton Beach and many places in between. A couple of years one took up semi-residence on my scow that I have parked in Squalicum harbor. It would scold me whenever I had the nerve to come down and use the boat.

River otters
veronica wisniewski

01/17/11 #9909

Char and I were out about a week ago and coming back along the wall where two playful heads popped up from under an overhang just ahead of us. I thought I saw the faces of three otters appear at one point before they disappeared. A
family of them seems to be hanging out around Clark's point. I've seen them around Allen Island and Char near Guemes in the past. (They also show up in the creek on our property periodically.)


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