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Repair & Maintenance

* Some marine boat repair companies may be willing to do repair work on larger boats such as an OC6. Yacht storage and service companies may also have capable fiberglass\carbon\kevlar repair personnel. If we have a wiki page for your locale, check there to see if any local repair businesses are listed for your area.

DIY Repair of Composites Carbon/Kevlar


DIY (do-it-yourself)

Please keep in mind that no sealer, epoxy, etc. lasts forever even if unopened. We have heard of some that dried up and were unusable before being sold (how long was that on the shelf?), in which case you should be able to get a refund. But be careful about buying excess quantities - that can be particularly expensive and wasteful. Shelf life will tend to be particularly short once your product has been opened.


Bailer Leaks/Problems

Body Leaks

Finding OC Leaks

Venturi Drains

Drying Interior

Wash & Polish

Surface Damage

Minor Repairs

Intermediate Repair

Impact damage, Soft spot

Major Repair



We hope you find a paddle lock solution that is a little less hard edged than this one:


photo: Jonathan Rincon Lopez video (click on photo to enlarge)



These guys do an amazing job staying upright and getting to a beach after losing their rudder:

Repair Professionals

Equipment Shops and Professionals should be listed under the locales that they serve. Example: Bellingham Area Shops

  • If you do not have anyone in your area who specifically works on your type of boat, yacht repair shops may be another option, particularly for straight forward patch and paint jobs.
  • If you want to increase the likelihood that everything gets done to your specifications, it is not a bad idea to provide a written list/description of your repair request(s) possibly with photos for the repair shop that you wind up hiring.


  • Local Dive Shops - can usually either repair or recommend a repair shop
  • Most Manufacturers offer repair services for their own gear
  • Generic Repair Services (repair multiple brands)
  • DIY - if you want to do it yourself. There are how-to videos on NRS and Youtube (lots of them). Replacement gaskets can be ordered from NRS and other sources.

From The Beverly Hillbillies

Cousin Pearl Bodine: “Jethro, I told you to get rid of them worn-out brakes.”

Jethro: “I did Ma. That's how come we ain't got none.”

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