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Rack span question ...

Rick Lingbloom
11/28/18 #24089

Help! So I know that a greater distance between my crossbars is better, but how close is too close? I'm wanting to put crossbars on a Toyota Tacoma crew cab without having to mount a bar in the bed. It's looking like they would be just over 3 1/2 feet apart. Too sketchy or OK? Thanks for your opinions.

Nicholas Cryder
11/28/18 #24090

I use a Front Runner Slimline rack with v kayak mounts. Fits over the cab. Works great. Machined aluminum and zero corrosion risk.

Carl Tessmann

11/28/18 #24091

I had a 4’ span on my bars with foam blocks and had to cinch my boat down so hard that I eventually got compression cracks. Then I got a new Think ski and this rack system from a Vancouver (BC) guy and I am thrilled. Easy load/unload, clears my rear hatch/doors, super stable, very good quality… Oh and looks pretty damn cool with my shiny new ski on it.

Or you can kick it old school and build one out of wood like Reivers.

Carl from Vancouver Island

Steve Scoggins
11/28/18 #24092

You'll be fine Rick.

Jill Komoto

11/28/18 #24093

I have a Tacoma Prerunner, half cab. Way back in 2001 when I was going to grad school in Santa Barbara I went to a local welder (recommended by a fellow paddler) and had him build a simple rack in the rear (sits on top of the edges of the bed, not in the bed). I also have two crossbars on the cab, we use both when going on long trips (like the Gorge), but one for local trips. I wouldn’t use the crossbars without the rear rack. It’s still there after 17 years, and has held the “green bean” (OC4) too- only $100 at the time!



11/28/18 #24094

I like Scoggins' solution. :-)

David Hooper
11/28/18 #24095

What could possible go wrong?

Dean Jordaan

11/29/18 #24096

I feel your pain - I have a miserable 2 1/2 feet between my crossbars.

I use these v-bars with removable ends. I remove the ends to access parking garages when necessary. Very nice.


12/05/18 #24132

That's too close. Your ski will be flexing too much on the highways. As best you can, try to distribute the weight by using the rule of thirds. If you look at the long distance delivery guys, they mount the skis with multiple support bars. Though that's not practical for us, it does teach us it's best to distribute the weight as much as possible.

Get a Vbar of some sort. There are several- I think Scott's from Deep Cove is best.

Rick Lingbloom
12/05/18 #24134

Thanks to all of you (both here and through email) for all of your input about racks! Lots of great ideas and possible solutions. Not sure what I’ll end up with, but at least I’m more informed.

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