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Races in South Africa

South Africans don't seem to shy away from races with crunching shore break or marathon distances (like the PE2EL).

South Africa Surfski Page


  • Canoeing South Africa seems to be coordinating a fair amount of the surfski racing activity in conjunction with the Lifesaving clubs that originated many of the most venerable races in South Africa. Member website
  • SA Surfski (facebook page) organizes or reports on many South Africa races including the SA Surfski Champs
  • SA Surfski Championships (We have seen some problems with this link, is this website still valid? Search for SA Trials for ICF Worlds?)


2021 Scottburgh - Brighton Race

Eastern Cape

Western Cape

Race Videos


Pete Marlin Race, photo from race website photo gallery

Doubles Racing in South Africa


Photo: Scott Cummins Facebook

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