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Race Results

If someone has written up a race report (a little more detail from the perspective of a participant) and entered it here: you may find it in Race Reports

Results Times and Placings



Steve from The Castle: “Dad, you haven’t let anyone down. I don’t know what the opposite of lettin’ someone down is… but you done the opposite.”

  • BlueChipTiming Results this one seems to currently (2020) just be for Australian races. Use the search text box under “All Results” to search for races by all or part of their names (there are some gotchas e.g. like all results for the WA Race Week in 2022 are listed and found under “Shaw and Partners WA Race Week”). Use the top search text box to look for an individual racer's results in all of their races covered by BlueChip (you need first and last name but caps are not necessary)
  • Doctor Results (Ocean Paddler link which may get broken if they change website organization)
  • Doctor Results (BlueChip Timing Search Results)





  • GeoRacing GPS tracking - used around the world for sailing and other sports, but so far (2020) seems to have been used infrequently for surfski race tracking
  • Breizh Ocean Race - not really systematic about posting easy to find results, but some may be found on facebook page

Breizh Ocean Race Results 2023 (click to enlarge)


2023 BOR Race Video (facebook)

New Zealand

South Africa

Pacific Northwest (Canada & US)

Marc Blake of Pacific Multisports Finishing Up Race Results at Stone's Throw Brewery


  • Enmotive Results currently (2020) US only?
  • Hawaii & some California
  • RaceHubHQ US (and some Canada)
  • Surfski America (Greg Lesher's race results database and race calendar) the default view for this page is a race calendar, but if you click on “table” you get a large alphabetized list of US races including many races in Hawaii as well as a number of Canadian races and a few races in the Caribbean. If you click on an individual race name, you get more details about that race and at the bottom of the page some historical results where you can choose a year to look at. As of 2020 primarily surfski results are being included along with a few other boat categories paddled with kayak paddles - no single bladed results.
  • US East Coast

Result Recording and Tracking Systems

The current trend seems to be toward real-time tracking where all participants carry some kind of tracking chip and their progress during a race can be monitored via a website or app (the software for this live tracking may be provided by separate companies). Initially used in large, international races these systems seem to becoming more prevalent in local races. Beyond real-time tracking which can have safety as well as spectator advantages, these systems hold the promise of much more immediate overall race results reporting that requires less manual labor (yes this is another “automation”). Now if everyone can get their registration and classification systems worked out to eliminate the confusion and error correction that those problems can cause….

Guide to Live Race Tracking explains how this works, the included list of current providers is extensive although most do not have reviews posted as of early 2021

Tracking Services

Some companies provide comprehensive tracking, recording and reporting services which may utilize various combinations of hardware and software from other tracking related companies, but with their own trained personnel to run and coordinate the record keeping for times, placement, and online results reports. Many such race service companies offer a number of other race related services.

Tracking Hardware

Tracking/Live Reporting Software

Long Distance Tracking

Manual Race Tracking

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