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Erg Racing today...

Brandon Nelson <brandon@…>
02/05/11 #9986

Quick report on the Ergomania Indoor Rowing race today: I took 11 seconds off my time from last year, and rowed a 6:07.1. I was stoked with that result. 2nd place was 18 seconds back.

At the start of training back in December I set a goal of breaking 6 minutes, but by mid-January it became clear that that was just too lofty for the short training cycle. The 2K is all about handling lactic acid, and that’s a matter of hours in the boat, or on the machine.

Today, at 1000 meters I felt like a rockstar. I could’ve held a conversation with the guy next to me, and I was right at or just under 3 minutes. Then the lactic floodgates opened, and it became survival. Last year, not knowing what I was doing, I finished the race with fuel still in the tank. Not so this year. I crossed the line and died. I wanted to leave everything I had out there, and I definitely did.

I could see with another 6 months of dedicated training and another 10 pounds of lean mass, taking a solid crack at that 6-minute mark. But truthfully, I’m burnt on machines. I’m ready to get back in my ski, back on the water. I missed being at LaConner today and was stoked to see the stories and hear about that feast. The days are getting longer, and the race calendar is fuller than ever. I’ll see you all on the water soon!!!


PS: HUGE thanks to Carlos Dinares for coaching me these past 7 weeks, and to Dale McKinnon for driving down with me and out-cheering everyone else in the gym.

Re: Erg Racing today…

02/06/11 #9991

6:07 is awesome. You're now tattoed with that number. I know the feeling of never wanting to see the machines right after a “test”. I hope you give it one more go at sub six (perhaps with an earlier start easing into things in September). Again, congratulations Brandon!

Eric Moll

Re: Erg Racing today…
Brandon Nelson <brandon@…>

02/06/11 #9992

Thanks, Eric. I thought of you when I finished and saw that score. And I’ll definitely admit to having been preoccupied most of the last 24 hours with thoughts of “How could I have gotten to the 1500 in better shape?” Next year, having just turned 40, a sub-6 would be less than 2 ½ seconds off the world record. I can’t say it’s not intriguing. J Many, many water miles between now and then, though, hey brother?

Hegedus and Morris, awesome work representing on Oahu! I’ll send you my buddy Mike’s e-mail and cell number. I’m sure he’d love to hook up and go for a paddle with you guys, and get his kids together with yours, Morris and Debbie. Have fun out there and Aloha!