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Epic quick lock

paul clement
02/20/11 #10114

Hi all
Looking for advice before sending paddle to mark porter. My quick lock no longer locks. I have tried tightening screw without results. Anyone had success tightening theirs? Very nearly went swimming Tuesday in high winds when I lost feather. Not confidence inspiring.

Thanks in advance

Reivers Dustin
02/20/11 #10115

I don't think there's a user-fix for this. Mark is your guy because there might be other issues and this (same as rudder) is important. You should not have to tighten the collar very tight for a good grip. If so, then the 'tooth' of the matching surfaces may be compromised. I've had my paddles tuned several times.

The first time it happened I didn't know what was wrong - didn't detect the loss of feather. I thought I had gone nucking futz. felt dizzy and weak, paddled around in circles. became afraid of duck-fart waves. It was terrible.

Now I have two paddles so one can go to the paddle-hospital if needed. (Need a loaner, Paul?)


gabe newton
02/20/11 #10116

Don K got tired of sending his epic paddle back and just glued it into a solid shaft. I suppose there's a safety argument for a solid shaft, if slippage is a real threat? Wasn't there one coast guard “interaction” in the bay due do
slippage? I paddle with a solid shaft, and don't miss being able to change the length or feather… however I do miss the ability to take my paddle apart and spank two people at once…


Tim Overland
02/20/11 #10117

Glue it. I had the same problem last year. It's the only way to be truly confident in paddle,imo.

Erik Borgnes 02/20/11 #10118

I can't comment on the Epic lever lock because I've never used it. I never really liked the screw together method on the Epics or Fenns or others though because all it took was one slippage and you lost all faith in it forever. And I'm not the type to rinse it and take care of it.

The glorified hose clamp worked well for me for the last couple of years. (I've got an old Brasca hose clamp two piece “spank-o-matic” that I'll travel with). The Onno lever lock never slipped on me but I only used that for about a year. I have since changed to a one-piece Epic and prefer the simplicity and reliability of it - I have two. For the past year, I've used it with the blades hot-glued on because I've not been completely happy with the angle and was too busy and without proper tools (i.e. lazy) to build a jig so that I could accurately find the right feather and then accurately convert the glue to epoxy. Made a jig last week, though, and it should work. Interestingly, of the two paddles I have, one feels “like butta” and the other feels a bit off. Eyeballing the two and putting them on the floor with blocks underneath, etc, I couldn't see any difference in feather. On the jig, though, there is an obvious few degrees of difference - which surprises me that it's so noticeable paddling.


dnjacobson79 02/20/11 #10119

Be careful if you glue it though. I had a friend who had the same problem and glued his epic. Shortly after the glue job the paddle started to leak, then he drilled a micro hole in the shaft to drain the water, weeks later the shaft cracked around the hole…..

Jeff Hegedus <jhegedus@…>
02/20/11 #10120

Have Mark Porter put the new, improved length lock lever on; the new product is greatly improved. At the 2009 Champs, my old style length lock slipped four times during massive anti-death bracing (resulting in two fun remounts). However, at the 2010 Champs, the new length lock held totally solid during equally wet-your-pants survival bracing (with only one non-paddle related remount). It's no longer an issue.

Larry <lbussing@…>
02/22/11 #10124

I can agree with Jeff's comments, same type of experiences. Epic changed the tolerances on the lock and I no longer have a problem. Although for something like the Champs I also electric tape the joint just to be on the safe side. Larry B

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