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New Zealand Surfski

[Add information and links about your surfski community here. Look at Bellingham, WA, USA for a template, or create your own.]

Petone - Eastbourne Downwinder


North Island


Marine/Coastal (Clockwise from East)

East Side

  • Doubtless Bay V1 video
  • Poor Knights Crossing - Tutukaka - Poor Knights Island 28 km 2018 Race Video
  • Orewa
    • (N to S) Otarawao (Sullivan’s Bay) in Mahurangi Regional Park to Orewa Beach 9-10 km
    • (SE to NW) Army Bay to Orewa Beach 15 km
  • Auckland
    • Waikowhai (end of Waikowhai road off Hillsborough Road) to Cornwallis Wharf. 14km. Great course with ENE wind. The bumps will increase the further we go down the track.
    • French Bay (end of Otitori Bay Road) to Cornwallis Wharf. 9km. Semi sheltered start then a good building run down to the wharf.
    • Hobsonville to Okahu Bay 16+ km video
    • Manukau Harbour
      • Cornwallis Beach - Onehunga 17-18 km video
    • Takapuna laps video
    • Waitemata Harbour video
    • Whangaparaoa Peninsula - Takapuna Boating Club 23 km
    • West Park Marina - Royal Akarana Yacht Club 15 km video
  • Tauranga
    • Tauranga Harbour video
    • Mount Maunganui Harbour Entrance video (out and back)

South End

Lowry Bay Dolphins (no sound)

West Side

  • Auckland (West Side - See Manukau Harbour above)
  • Whanganui video
  • Surf - Needless to say the usual rules and etiquette of surfing apply. And you also have to figure out what, where, and how is appropriate for your skill level as surfing shorebreak in a surfski becomes an obviously advanced, demanding skill as bigger waves are attempted and clearly presents ample opportunity for damage to boat and body.
    • Foxton Beach video
    • Manu Bay
    • Whale Bay
    • Indicators
    • Ngarunui Beach
    • Ruapuke Beach

South Island

  • Lakes (can get afternoon thermals - water usually cold)
    • Lake Tekapo
    • Lake Wakatipu
      • Northery wind: Glenorchy to Pigeon Island 8 km
      • Southerly wind: Wye Creek to Jardines ?10 km
  • Coasts
    • East Coast tends to have more consistent wind


  • Foxton River video
  • ….







Tauranga Harbour

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