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US New England

(Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, Vermont)

New England Downwinding:

One commenter on

“ Consistency is definitely the problem in New England - both in terms of wind velocity and direction. Especially during the summer. Although we sometimes do have scheduled downwind races, it's really a crap-shoot as to getting what you hoped for.”

Clubs and Groups



Tidal Races

About Safety (and watch out for boat traffic and lobster pots (harder to spot when the tide is racing))



  • Gloucester, MA to Beverly, MA.
  • Woods Hole, MA to Megansett Harbor, MA 10 miles (has been used in both directions for Cape Cod Downwind race)
  • Tinkers Run (MA) 10 km See description
  • Stage Fort to Lynch Park (MA) 11 miles One Trip Description
  • Buzzards Bay (MA) Stony Beach at Woods Hole to Megansett Beach 10 miles


Rhode Island



Wesley Echols: “ Narragansett Bay East or West Passage, Newport RI. (East and West Passage refer to east or west side of Conanicut Island) We have clocked our fastest times ever from North end Jamestown to Newport Bridge with Northerly wind and current or Sakonnet River (really a small bay) in Portsmouth, RI on a good day! Newport is one of the sailing capitals for a reason! ”

Narragansett Bay

  • Wesley Echols ( Launch Recommendations:
    • McCorrie Point, Portsmouth, RI, Small Bay conditions, perfect for training, rarely overwhelming for intermediate paddlers. My home. Safe most of the time. Use most often.
    • Bay Voyage Inn, Jamestown, RI, Just South of Newport Bridge, This is Jamestown Harbor. Many options. Can be rough, always jobbly. You will have to pay attention. summer - we use all the time. winter on the calm days.
    • Fort Wetherill State Park, Jamestown, RI, Ride the Bull Race Course, Paddle out 100 yards and you're in the fray. Gets rough immediately for intermediate paddlers. On rougher days we use our intermediate skis now. When we were younger advanced skis on these days. Never use in the winter.
    • South Ferry, West Passage, summer only.
    • North KIngston Town Beach (Town of Wickford). Protected, use anytime almost.
    • Third Beach, Middletown, RI on Sakonnet and within half mile in true ocean conditions or head North for Bay conditions. Use in summer/fall mainly.
    • Weavers Cove, Portsmouth, RI, East Passage. summer only

Narragansett Bay/Atlantic Ocean

  • Point Judith to Jamestown - approx. 10 - 11 miles
    • Wesley Echols - “we NEVER paddle this course in the Winter Time. NEVER! Low Water Temps, Air Temps, and messy conditions. We stick to East or West Passage, Jamestown Harbor (on calmer days), always stay close to shore and in the lee or we paddle on the Sakonnet where I live or on Narrow River as last option. In fact even in the Summer we pick our days carefully, and drop down to our intermediate skis.”

Tidal Races

About Safety (and watch out for boat traffic and lobster pots (harder to spot when the tide is racing))


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  • Burlington - Shelburne Bay 5-8 ? miles


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