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New Caledonia Surfski


New Caledonia is a collectivity of islands of overseas France in the southwest Pacific Ocean.


Grande Terre

The main island of Grande Terre is well aligned with their summer winds. For islands with a small population (270K?) NC is home to a surprising number of world class and champion SUP paddlers. The favorable downwind conditions have to help. Also the lagoon at Nouméa reportedly gets waves for downwinding that can be similar to the Columbia Gorge.

  • Kuenda Beach
    • Anse Vata - Kuenda Beach 10 km video
    • Duck Island (île aux Canards)(Anse Vata Bay) - Kuenda Beach 9 km video, Downwindfun
    • Artillery Run (Artillery Point - Kuenda Beach)
    • Le Meridien Resort - Kuenda 9.5 km
    • Baie de Sainte-Marie - Kuenda Beach approx. 15 km video
  • Le Meridien Resort - Naia 25 km
  • Néa - Ongué 30 km



Exploring New Caledonia


Va'a Downwinding