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Worldwide Paddling (mostly downwind) Videos 1

(Mandurah, Australia - Originally scheduled host of the 2023 ICF Ocean Racing Championships - now nearby Perth will be the host)

Mandurah, WA, Australia (2020 Mandurah Duel Race)

(Madeira - Host of the 2024 ICF Ocean Racing Championships)

Gorge Sternwheeler Surfing, Oregon/Washington, USA

(Sternwheeler Was Retired Fall 2022 - but looks like it is coming back in later 2023)

Worldwide Paddling Video Samples (Mostly Downwinding)

(Almost all of the videos contained on these pages are shown in embedded frames. For some reason Microsoft Edge seems to have a problem with many embedded videos, but you can still view them in Edge if you click on the youtube links shown within the frames. We have not seen this problem in other popular browsers)