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Mobile Marine Apps & Websites

List assembled by Denise Thompson from Birch Bay Paddlers in 2016 (so this list has a Pacific Northwest bias, but many of these apps work whereever you are). Some columns were deleted from the original tables to make a better fit within this webpage. The original testers were almost exclusively using iPads and iPhones, but many if not most of these apps have Android versions also.

Mobile Marine App Name$ CostApp or Website DescriptionPhone Tablet Both
Aye Tides XL 7.99 Tides Program (iPad version) for any day in the past or future iPad
Aye Tides 7.99 Tides Program (iphone version) for any day in the past or future iPhone
GPS realTide 1.99 Shows tides corrected to your current GPS location & currents from list for any day in the past or future iPhone
MyTide 1.99 Single day current Tides & Currents from favorites list iPhone
ShralpTide2 Free Tide and current graphs iPad
Boating US & Canada HD 54.99 Navionics Navigation Program (iPad version) with US & Canadian eCharts iPad
Boating US & Canada 14.99 Navionics Navigation Program (iphone version) with US & Canada eCharts iPhone
Transas iSailor - Marine Navigation, Chart Plotter Free* Transas Navigation Program, WA eCharts $4.99, Canadian Sunshine Coast, Gulf I, & Vancouver I. eCharts $25 both
iNavX Marine Navigation, NOAA Sailing Charts & Boating Chartplotter 49.99 Full featured application for charting and tracking your position while underway with free and fee chart options iPad
Compass Eye Marine Navigation & Bearings 4.99 Hand bearing compass with multiple bearing set points iPhone
Commander Compass Lite Free* compass with maps, gyrocompass, GPS receiver, waypoint tracker, speedometer, altimeter, Sun, Moon and star finder, gyro horizon iPad
MarineTraffic Ships & Wind 3.99 Detailed AIS ship location tracker both
Boat Beacon 9.99 Tracks AIS ship locations AND turns your mobile device into an mAIS transmitter to self report your AIS position to the Marine Traffic system iphone
mAIS MarineTraffic Ship Position Reporting Free Manually report your position via your mobile device to Marine Traffic system iphone
Predict Wind Free* Worldwide Tables, Graphs, Wind Maps, Observations, Swell Maps, Rain Maps, Cloud Maps, Isobar Maps, Sea Temp, Weather Routing, Departure Planning both
SailFlow Free* Wind graphs and forecasts from Weather Stations, Nowcast Spots, Onsite Reports both
WindAlert Free* Similar to SailFlow features and outputs both
PocketGrib Free* Shows offshore wind speed, direction, atmospheric pressure, rain both
GRIBview by Theyr Free* Using the most advanced weather modelling to produce the most accurate forecasts available today iPad
NOAA Buoy and Tide Data 1.99 Coastal NOAA Buoy Data Reports both
Buoyweather Free Buoyweather provides worldwide offshore Wind & Swell derived from nearby NOAA weather buoys and ship reports iPhone
MSW Surf Forecast Free* Magic Seaweed provides worldwide forecasts for wind speed & direction, live buoy & wind reports, swell height, swell direction & swell period both
Beaufort Wind Force Scale Free A handy pocket reference often used with other marine wind related forecast apps like Magic Seaweed iPhone
Marine Weather Plus by ACCuWeather 2.99 Weather Forecast Zones, Buoy Reports, Tide Prediction Stations, Radar Overlay, Sunrise/Sunset, Ocean/Bay Current Maps both
WeatherMap+ 2.99 Zoom around a map of the world, switch various weather layers in order to get a comprehensive view of both current and future weather events both
Drag Queen Anchor Alarm Free Anchor alarm iPhone
H1 Longitude Time Keeper 0.99 Describes the John Harrison clock that solved the problem of longitude iPad
Knots 3D 1.99 Animations showing how to tie various knots both
Boat Watch Free* Boat Watch lets you spot and identify boats and ships all around the world! iPad
Tide Chart USA Free Free An application to display tidal information, made for fun fishing. iPhone
RayView Free Remote view of Raymarine sounder & chart plotter – allows you to view your Raymarine e-Series or c-Series Multi-Functional Display via your smartphone or tablet. Both
RadarNow! Free* Moving weather radar. Use RadarNow! to quickly see an animated radar image and current conditions! No digging through menus to see if a storm is on the way! Both
ViewRanger $0-20 Land based topo and trail mapping for land base exploring. Discover thousands of inspiring trail guides, download detailed topo Both
maps, and navigate your outdoor adventures with ViewRanger’s integrated
navigation system.
BackCountry Navigator TOPO GPS $0-21 Land based topo and trail mapping for land base exploring. both
MSW US Pacific Wind & Swell Free* both
Ocean Winds & Currents Free,51.81,1821&sa=D&ust=1454825677972000&usg=AFQjCNH31RWOXFYhqk6AP5K4UARbwkhKGw both
48 HR Surface Weatherfax Free both
96 HR Surface Weatherfax Free both
Local WA Marine Forecast Free both
Local BC Marine Forecast Free both
Complete Local Marine Weather Analysis Free,+WA&point2=Marine+Location+Near+Blaine,+WA&tide1=Blaine,+Semiahmoo+Bay,+Washington&tide2=Toe+Point,+Patos+Island,+0.5+mile+South+of,+Washington+Current&lat_long1=49,-122.77&radar=ATX&radar2=RTX&station=sew&ports=9449424&rss=chyw1&rss2=frdw1&rss3=pbfw1&airport=KBLI&geos=west/nw&lat_long2=49,-122.77&yd10=on&zone1=PZZ133&zone2=PZZ100&v=0.50&sa=D&ust=1454825677975000&usg=AFQjCNGnvUqdwtK9N2okTqtuC76nDhBu-Q both
iPad Apps Used to Cross an Ocean Free both
WindAlert Free*,-123.429,9,2&sa=D&ust=1454825677976000&usg=AFQjCNE92YabUh_kfCRibOKAcoWirzvXvw both
Waggoner Cruising Guide Free both
Waggoner Crusing Guide App reviews Free both
Boativated Free both
i-Marine Apps Free both
BitterEndBlog Free both
The Three Sheets Northwest Free both
Actuals vs Predicted for Cherry Point Free both
Panbo : the marine electronics hub Free both
Northwest Cruising Free Cruising Dictances in the Pacific Northwest and links to popular areas both
Advanced Google Maps Distance Calculator Free Allows you to lay in a course using Google Maps and find out the total distance in statute miles and nautical miles both
Discover Ferndale Free A good site for weather and local Ferndale information. You can sign up to get daily or weekly updates from them both
Wind Finder Free Wind, waves and weather for kitesurfers, windsurfers, surfers and sailors both
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