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Maui, HI Surfski


Photo: Kai Bartlett - from Kai Wa'a video: Maui to Lanai - Click to enlarge

Boat Rental/Local Knowledge


“Maui is the King of DW for the Hawaiian islands. Maui has more consistent wind then any other island, it's downwind runs are world class, …it's easy to hook up with guys or groups going because there's always someone doing it, downwind shuttles, etc. Maui has two awesome runs, if one isn't running, another always will…” JF808 on

South Shore

  • Maalaea Bay - Has a number of different launches to choose from depending on the distance you want to paddle and the conditions
    • Kealia Coastal Boardwalk - Cove Beach Park 5-6 miles video
    • Kihei Run (aka “Makena Run”) - North Kihei to Makena landing ~ 10 miles
      • “Our south side run is pretty epic…. North wind on the north shore is generally a good indication that the south shore is working. It's a super fun run, small bumps, easy to catch and easy to connect (we call it the ego run). The wind over there, however, is a little more fickle, and can shut down mid run or blow super strong off shore (good to have a rudder).” - Devin Blish
      • “Winds can turn offshore…, so this run can turn dangerous quickly” - Robert Stehlik
      • alternate takeouts - Ulua Beach Park (near to “Andaz Wailea”) (2.5 miles shorter), Keawakapu Beach ( also referred to as “Mana Kai” or “Sarento's” (restaurant closed?) (3.5 miles shorter)

Kihei Run



North Shore

  • Maliko Run - 9.6 miles from Maliko Gulch and ends at Kanaha Beach, the Canoe Club, or in Kahului harbor. Maliko is a very consistent run with the peak months being from June - October. The Maliko run is easily accessible and has a shuttle service that will pick you up and take you to Maliko Gulch allowing for multiple runs per day.
    • “On a windy day the Maliko run gets big wind swells combined with open ocean swells that makes for challenging and exciting conditions with big drops, fast acceleration and long, fast glides. In the winter the run can get big North Swells which can make crossing the reefs a challenge. Conditions can be very rough and challenging for those new to downwinders. I highly recommend doing a coached run… if you don’t have downwind experience.” - Robert Stehlik

Maliko Videos


Kahului Harbor Map


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Northwest Shore

  • Napili Bay - Kaanapali Beach 6 miles

Island to Island

  • Maui to Lanai (30 miles?) As with any of the crossings from island to island, the shuttle/charter setup is not trivial.



  • Maui to Moloka'i (Pailolo Channel) - Close to 23 miles starting at Flemings Beach on Maui and ending at Kaunakakai Harbor on Molokai. The logistics for this run, such as having a ride back to Maui and the costs that are involved, can make doing this run a challenge, but it's all worth it on a good windy day for a prepared paddler. M2M Race and videos, SUP video


Maui webcams list


Robert Stehlik: “Hawaii’s location in the middle of the Pacific Ocean and its predictable pattern of Easterly (&NE) trade winds make it ideal for downwinders…. The trade winds are most consistent in the summer months and can also be very good in spring and fall. Trade winds are least consistent in the Winter months (November through February), when they are often replaced by Kona wind and variable winds…”

OC Clubs



Wave Surfing

Video from Dennis Mowry


Trip Reports

Other Islands

Whale Breach on Maliko Run photo: Lawrence Risley video