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Rick Lingbloom
11/25/18 #24077

Anyone have experience with the “Lockrack” system? Pros / cons?
Rick L

Paul Reavley
11/25/18 #24078

FWIW - I have had the “universal” version lockrack for 6 months. It works for paddle boards and river canoes but the base is too wide for a surfski - there is a model specifically for skis. The rack base has a rubber cushion and I have occasionally tied down additional skis upside down against one rack arm with straps - which has worked fine for me while not going on the highway. Someone previously posted on the board about seeing many of them used with surfskis somewhere they visited, but obviously I cannot comment on the surfski specific model.

Universal model Pros:
- works well for SUPs and river canoes
- quick securing and releasing of watercraft on vehicle roof
- base of rack has a decent rubber cushion that seems durable (so far for me)

Universal model Cons:
- the spring loaded locking mechanism for the arms may be a little cheap - it seems balky at times and I worry about its durability although all of mine are working.
- The locking mechanism does not seem difficult to foil at all in my opinion. I have not tried to do so because I don't want to break my rack, but I would not depend on the rack for any kind of theft prevention.

Dennis Mowry
11/26/18 #24087

Richard Spork, rents Epics on Maui loves them.
I looked into them but they would be to high for my already tall van.

If that helps?

Rick Lingbloom

11/27/18 #24088

Thanks for the input guys.

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