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Strait of Juan de Fuca

Photo: Erwin A. Dence Jr.



Addressing a generally experienced audience of downwind paddlers - Michael Woods (surfskier and OCer who has lived in Sequim area) says:

“July & August tend to have better west winds for downwinding. Conditions can be sporty or mellow depending on strength of W or NW wind (Ed: any south wind component pushes you away from land), ocean swell, and whether flood or ebb ,and tide range. 15+W wind is good, 20-25 excellent, 25-30 very sporty and fun. Especially fast with a flood. Bailouts are limited as you're paddling along a coastline far from a road. So (take!) usual (safety) precautions and good skills (are very) appropriate.”

(Editor's Note: The average wind is stronger during the rest of the year, most noticeably during the winter, but winter wind is usually from the South while July and August are the months with the highest % of west winds, not to mention warmer air temperatures for paddlers - Port Angeles Wind History)

  • Clallum Beach to Pillar Point approx. 9 miles (very scenic but little or no place to beach if you have trouble) This section of coastline runs NW to SE so it will line up better with a NW swell.
  • Twin Beach to Crescent Beach/Bay 12.1 miles
  • Cresent Bay to Freshwater Bay 4 mi (short run or add Freshwater Bay to Port Angeles)
  • Freshwater Bay Boat Launch to Port Angeles 13 miles
    • Out/back laps from Freshwater are good for all levels as there's a nice small bump that wraps around into FB to play on. And it's an easy beach launch protected from surf breaks. Freshwater Bay also has boat ramp should anyone want a support boat.
  • Dungeness Landing County Park to Port Townsend - approx. 18-20 miles - This distance estimate assumes a fairly straight path which requires getting well away from land. If you want to stay much closer to the land to your south (Port Williams, Miller Peninsula) you will add a number of miles to your overall paddling distance.







Scenic Highway 112 map from - click to enlarge




  • Juan de Fuca Strait is cold water paddling. The average monthly water temp varies approximately from 7 degrees Celsius (44.6 Fahrenheit) to 13 degrees Celsius (55.4 degrees Fahrenheit). When in doubt, dress to swim.
  • The Strait is no joke if conditions get rough and/or start pushing you away from land. Pay very close attention to weather forecasts and trends.
  • The Coast Guard has a program where you may register your GPS/DSC radio and with one button push they will know your location and that you need assistance.
  • Read the race posts above about crossing the shipping lanes if you have similar plans

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  • Epic
    • Sound Bikes & Kayaks
    • 120 E Front St, Port Angeles, WA 98362, USA
    • +1 360-457-1240
  • Think
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