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Hot5 Finale

Kevin Olney
08/29/19 #25362

Hot5 Race #5

Tonight’s race will conclude the 2019 series. Thanks to everyone who has participated, volunteered and supported each week! Please join us for the season-end awards and prize giveaway at the Cobalt Grill after the race.

The final course will be one lap around Chuckanut (Dot) Island from Marine Park. Currently there is a steady 10 knot S breeze on the bay. The wind will likely decrease by race time but there is uncertainty in the forecast. It could possibly increase to the 12-15 range. Safety gear is required: leash, PFD, sound judgement in boat choice and ability assessment.

There will be an option for 5 bonus points at the finish. Racers will need to successfully dismount and remount from BOTH sides of their boat before they cross the finish line.

Registration: 5:00
Race Meeting: 5:45
Start: 6:00

Dean Bumstead
08/29/19 #25363

Just got through paddling along the wall. If the wind stays as is, you’re definitely going to want your fat boat. Great surfing from the tunnel back.


Hot5 Season Recap
Kevin Olney

09/01/19 #25365

Congratulations to Alan Lipp, 2019 Hot 5 Series Champ. Alan battled weeds and wind in the final race to secure his spot on top of the leaderboard. Big Duncan Howat finished second but actually scored the most points throughout the series (total is best 4/5 races) so he deserves some serious credit. Third place goes to Erica Quam, the top female this year. Look out for Erica next year, she’s moving up fast!

For the second time in 3 seasons Peter Marcus missed an opportunity to claim the title due to work obligations but still held a solid forth place. In only three races, Marc Whitlock racked up enough points to claim fifth overall.

There were many other standout performers like Vaughn, Mike G, Denise and Dave H. to name a few. Also Paul R, Roger, Bob and Dean. Julie made it to every race and Toby traveled from Orcas Island every week to complete! Larry B won his age group every time he raced and the new mixed OC-2 of Mike & Jacqui was on fire.

John Rybczyk provided on the water safety, along with Dean and Jamie. You guys are awesome! Thank you so much. Neil B manned the registration every week and for that I am truly grateful.

Thank you to Brandon Nelson (BNP) and Nicholas Cryder (Faster Farther) for your sponsorship of the event. Your commitment to supporting local races is what keeps the the community going strong.

That’s it for this season folks. I have a whole new plan for next year so keep paddling and practicing those remounts!

Kevin O

Michael Lee
09/01/19 #25366

I demand a recount!

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