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Hooded Nudibranchs

And now for something unrelated to eye diseases.
John Rybczyk

05/23/19 #24920

Out on the bay today I noted many, many Hooded Nudibranchs swimming around. Have you seen them? If you are familiar with regular looking nudibranchs (which a tide-pool favorite), these look nothing like that. Instead, they would more likely be confused with a jellyfish. Anyway, for some reason, there are thousands (10's of thousands, millions?) in the bay right now, wiggling around like the translucent little blobs that they are. They don't sting and are harmless unless you are a zooplankton of some sort. Luckily, Huki sells a nudibranchless rudder (in five sizes), all of which I own, so I'll be fine for the Sea to Ski. I don't think Don K. makes such a rudder as of this writing, so good luck to you folks with Fenns, Thinks and Epics as you slog your way through them.

See you on the water,


Reivers Dustin
05/23/19 #24921

This is our John. some sports have their 'who let the dogs out'. movie goers have 'dances with wolves'. But we've got “swims with nudibranchs'.

paul clement
05/23/19 #24922

This is very bad news. Consequently, I have decided to not use a rudder. My ski will be lighter too.

David Scherrer

05/24/19 #24924

We don’t need no stinking rudder…

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