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Gorge Downwind Videos

Main Gorge Surfski Page


Wilson Reavley foiling in the Gorge on a top secret surfski briefly viewed April 1, 2021 ;-)

Welcome to the Gorge

Samples of runs upstream and downstream from Hood River

Home Valley

Nicholas Cryder 2018

What to avoid at the end of the Home Valley Run

Gorge Champs 2018

Gorge Week 2018 for an Outrigger Canoer - First time in the Gorge


Swell City

Carter Johnson (Organizer of the Gorge Champs) - not really an instructional video

Nick Murray Gorge Champs Week 2022

Matt Kearney On a Pretty Good Size Day 2023

East of Hood River

Mosier - The Dalles

The one tricky spot in the whole run

? - The Dalles

Rufus Run 2016

More Gorge Videos

2015 - Chris Hipgrave


2015 Carter Johnson


2017 Gorge Champs - Darryl Khng



2018 Gorge Champs - Macca Hynard


Sternwheeler Wake Surfing


DAZ & KAZ 2022 Race Week


More More Gorge Videos