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Gorge Coast Guard boat ID alert

Waterman Larry
07/26/18 #23543

Hey Bellingham paddlers. The US Coast Guard has made a reasonable request of us paddlers. The following was posted by our marina manager at the Hood River Marina and applies to us. If your remount is bomber…… don't need to heed this warning. Our local sheriff also wants some assistance.

Larry Goodson

“COAST GUARD: I just received email from the OSMB that the Coast seeks the help of all owners of kayaks, canoes and other paddlecrafts to label their vessel with essential contact information. Every unmanned-adrift paddlecraft is treated as a potential distress situation, however, when the craft is properly labelled the situation can often be quickly resolved with a phone call to the vessel owner, which minimizes personnel fatigue and negative impacts on crew readiness.

We don’t have the Coast Guard here in Hood River however our Marine Sheriff Curtis Kowell would appreciate the same consideration.

Paddlecraft owners should label their vessel using a permanent or waterproof marker covered with clear waterproof tape for increased durability. OSMB has offered a Paddle Smart Identification Sticker that at the very least should include the name of the owner, a number to reach them and a secondary point of contact.”

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