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Footplate non slip pad

paul clement
07/24/19 #25243

Hello all-
Does anyone have surplus footplate non slip foam around. I would like to do two footplates. I thought I would check before I pull the trigger locally or online.

Reivers Dustin

07/24/19 #25246

I use the adhesive non-slip tread from Hardware Sales. It's thin so if you're looking to adjust leg-length in a tad, won't work. Also it's somewhat permanent. But cheap and feels ok on bare feet.

Larry Bussinger
07/25/19 #25247

I cut up an old synthetic “welcome” mat and glued it on. Still have some if you want it. It works well for finger grips on side if boat too.

Jonas Ecker
07/25/19 #25248

I know OPS sells some padding that is cut and shaped for ski footplates. I don’t use them personally but they might be what you are interested in.

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