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Exercise Equipment

Paddle Ergometers

  • Brands (prices listed are probably out of date)
    • Dansprint dominant system world-wide. Danish. €3450 Eur. many options incl. computer. High quality, durability suited for heavy use. Reference: Ben Fast. Dansprint also makes an erg that converts between kayak and canoe styles.
    • KayakFirst Hungarian based, Kayak ergometer €1399 Eur. Also have SUP and canoe ergometers. Out of Production? - Either that or their website needs work (1/13/2024)Facebook Page
    • KayakPro earlier version was the “Speedstroke” U.S. $2650 U.S. many options incl. computer. High quality, durability suited for heavy use. References: E. Borgnes, L. Goolsby.
      • Compact Compactible for easier storage/space management
      • Speedstroke Pro full length fixed (no longer in production)
      • Xeon Latest compact design
    • Old Danube canoe and kayak ergs
    • Paddle One Web site down? and out? $1,575 Canadian. Stop watch/Speedometer - no computer. Durable but not as realistic of a paddling motion. Reference: R. Dustin
    • Stroke2Max $1139 US dollars. South African Co.
    • Vasa discontinued their paddle ergometer, but we have heard of DIY'ers modifying their swim ergos into paddle ergos
    • Weba Sport Ergometer Web site also seems verschwunden Austria, price ?, swiveling seat
  • DIY

Specialty Ergs

Paddle Tanks

  • Old Danube web site says this is for C2 and K2, but (sales page says and) the photos look like it can be fitted for more paddlers
  • DIY
    • Canoe Tank (shows 1 side, so described as for Dragon Boats - but you could make 2 tanks or turn around to practice other side?)
  • Public Tanks

Paddling Hybrids

  • Dragon Bike - since KayakPro never updated their “pre-order” page from 2015, it would seem like this one did not get off the ground?