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Waterproof Containers


Race/Training Analytics


Communication Devices

Video Cameras


This is a topic that can fill a website by itself and there is plenty of information available on websites to help choosing between waterproof cameras. Some of the important features to consider are: image quality and stabilization, battery life, ease of use, (remote, voice control and how much such features affect battery comsumption), GPS and other telemetry, quality and variety of camera mounts for boats and other planned uses


Training Video

  • Video recording for training - probably most effective when used in conjunction with a skilled coach who can accurately analyze your technique (often used when athletes have coaches who don't live nearby)
    • Stroke technique
    • Catching waves


On Water Training Aids

Devices/Methods that can be used for training in addition to GPS enabled devices and Video

Heart Rate Monitors

Cadence Meters

these are “metronomes” for stroke rate. They can provide speed visually, with audio, and with vibration.

Paddle Sensors

sense stroke rate and distance - possibly used in conjunction with a phone app.

Power Meters

Playing Music

From The Adventures of Rocky and Bullwinkle

Boris: “Is more genius then usual! Do I control it by linking to it with some plug in my cerebral cortex?”

Fearless Leader: “Uh yeah we were going to do that but… we had some budget cuts.”

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