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Elevated Rear Camera Mount - Sweden DIY photo from video

Waterproof Containers


Race/Training Analytics


Communication Devices

Dawid Mocke - Why he carries signaling devices

On Water Communication

  • Retevis RT22 very inexpensive with good sound quality. Not waterproof but works very well with Surflogic's waterproof phone case (this is what Boyan in Tarifa has been using on the water for his downwinding classes as of 2022)
    • If you get too much traffic locally on all of the 16 default channels that your walkie talkie uses, you may be able to reprogram the frequencies of your channels (works with Retevis handhelds) using the open source program, Chirp. There have been some difficulties reported with some versions of Windows (but as far as we know they have workarounds).
  • Rocky Talkies rated IP56 so has some splash protection but should be kept in a waterproof bag. Superior range and good battery life. video (you may want to skim past the drop tests)
  • Newer Stuff
    • Milo websitekickstarter (This campaign was started in 2021 and only in late 2022 supporters may be getting their devices. Wait until you see reviews to decide about putting any money up for this - we will post a review once someone actually has the production model and can test it)
      • Update indications from Milo User's Group (facebook) as of early 2024 the usable range on water still seems to be limited to about 300 meters

Rescue/Emergency Signals

Recording Video

This is a topic that can fill a website by itself and there is plenty of information available on websites to help choosing between cameras. Some of the important features to consider are: degree of waterproofing, image quality and stabilization, battery life, ease of use, (remote, voice control and how much such features affect battery consumption), GPS and other telemetry (GoPro has dropped GPS from their latest cameras), quality and variety of camera mounts for boats and other planned uses

Video Action Cameras

There are a ton of hands-on reviews and how-to videos on youtube - doing research there is not a bad idea. In our opinion one of the better channels for up-to-date comparisons of video action cameras is MountMedia where you can find tutorials in addition to reviews.

Worn/Mounted Cameras

Sample reviews:

Fixed Tracking Cameras


  • Oscar Liang Gearhead site for drone equipment and filming with a drone


  • Gauges/Telemetry
  • Correction
    • GoPro ReelSteady
      • ReelSteady Stabilization Tool with Real Time Playback: Apply Emmy® Award-Winning stabilization to create the smoothest, silkiest footage ever with the ability to view the full-quality stabilized shot as soon as your video loads; ReelSteady is now compatible with most shooting modes, including HyperSmooth
      • Lens Correction: Remove wide-angle lens curvature using ReelSteady Stabilization to polish and perfect videos
      • Reframe: Transform 360 MAX content into cinematic videos and immersive photos with the click of a keyframe using the popular Reframe tool
  • Music
    • When you have become a youtube star and you want to get money from your videos, want to see musicians paid for their effort, but not taking everything from your videos…

Training Videos

  • Video recording for training - probably most effective when used in conjunction with a skilled coach who can accurately analyze your technique (often used when athletes have coaches who don't live nearby)
    • Stroke technique
    • Catching waves



DIY mount made from Vive carbon walker (4 GoPro mounts on surfski deck) - Alex Tzannes - Sydney, NSW, Australia

On Water Training Aids

Devices/Methods that can be used for training in addition to GPS enabled devices and Video

Heart Rate Monitors

Cadence Meters

these are “metronomes” for stroke rate. They may signal rate visually, and/or with audio, and/or with vibration.

Paddle Sensors

sense stroke rate and distance - possibly used in conjunction with a phone app.

Michele Eray on the Vaaka: “I use cadence as the main metric when setting up sessions, as well as any analysis afterward.Leading into the Rio Olympics, it was a game changer as we were based in a windy venue that had a lot of current, rendering speed useless. I really wish we had the Vaaka in the build up to Beijing and London (the Vaaka was developed for the Kiwi's leading into London and was only available to the public once the London Olympics were over). Vaaka has created an app on Garmin that gives distance per stroke in real time, and of course has the analysis software if you want to do a deep dive afterward. The hassle I have found with some of my athletes using other apps built into their devices is that they are inaccurate on double blades or boats that are smoother (kayak vs canoe) and the data is also quite fuzzy and hard to analyse post session. The Vaaka is also simple and robust, and lives on your paddle so you don't have to remember anything!”

  • XOSS Bike Cadence Sensor some paddlers have reported that this inexpensive bike sensor works well for paddle cadence. Plus it has the benefit of being quite inexpensive. The report is that not all bike sensors will work on a paddle, but that this one does. It either needs to be used with a compatible phone app (reportedly some like Wahoo work and others don't) that will connect to it or a GPS device that supports external sensors.
  • Motionize (the Motionize website may have security problems but you can find it for sale on secure websites)

Power Meters

Cross Training

Playing Music


From The Adventures of Rocky and Bullwinkle

Boris: “Is more genius then usual! Do I control it by linking to it with some plug in my cerebral cortex?”

Fearless Leader: “Uh yeah we were going to do that but… we had some budget cuts.”