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Video editing

Dennis Mowry
11/20/20 #28096

Which program are people using for editing GoPro videos? For PC not Mac. I used Movie Maker before but doesn't look the same. Just playing around,

Paul Reavley
11/20/20 #28097


I am assuming when you say PC you also mean Windows (could be Linux). Until recently I was using the old Windows Movie Maker that shipped with older versions of Windows, continued to be downloadable from MS, then eventually disappeared (the Movie Maker that is available online now is not the same app). It was relatively simple and worked okay on my old (6+ yrs) slow laptop. I recently upgraded my computer so I now have computing power to run some of the more full featured video editors. I am slowly learning to use the free version of DaVinci Resolve, but it has a ton of options and is going to take me some time to get up to speed with.

If you want simple, you could try the Photos application that ships with Windows 10 - you can edit videos with it. There is other free Windows video editing software - if you want something in between Photos and the kitchen sink like Resolve maybe someone else can recommend their favorite.


Dan Mahar
11/21/20 #28098

I’d recommend Filmora. It’s cheap and relatively easy to use.

11/21/20 #28099

ShotCut was the free software that I chose to flitter untold hours with.

Paul Reavley

11/21/20 #28100

By the way, Dennis, when you say your video “doesn't look the same” it could simply be a question of what resolution settings you are using. If your clips look okay to you when you first look at them before editing then the resolution setting you are using on your GoPro for recording is probably okay. Although if you are talking about some of those videos you shot 8 yrs ago, the GoPro you might have used then would have had noticeably lower resolution than more recent models.

Are you talking about the way your videos look after you upload them to youtube or vimeo? I have noticed that some built in/default output to youtube resolution settings on some video editing software drops the resolution more than I like. So in that case I may choose a higher output resolution option. Youtube and vimeo (vimeo will stream higher rez videos if you have a pay membership) are going to compress your video in any case so it may be better to start with a higher resolution file before you upload it there. Usually finding what upload rez you want to use is simply a matter of experimenting with some very short clips, uploading them, and looking at their online quality. A slower internet connection can cause video streaming services to drop the rez you are viewing at, but I am assuming that is not your problem because you are comparing your videos to videos from other folks that you are also viewing via your internet connection. Higher rez files will take somewhat longer to upload.

Any way, however you are outputing your videos for viewing, you may want to see if you can choose a higher resolution for that output - if that seems possible to be your issue with how your videos look. There are other video recording and output options you can look into that can affect the appearance of your videos. If you want we can discuss those offline.

Denise Weeks
11/21/20 #28101

Hi Dennis,

I’m on a Mac, so my tools (imovie) wouldn’t work for you.

Here’s a short one from yesterday, though:

Not going to beat Collin’s recent hits. No survival paddling here.


Dennis Mowry
11/21/20 #28102

Here's a experiment from Friday.
There's still plenty to learn taking the vids and especially the editing process. I tried about 3 programs, some are way overwhelming. Nothing like all the others with the color, music and fancy editing. Sure is a lot of work. This one is from the most simple one. It's still fun mind surfing watching the waves.



Reivers Dustin

11/21/20 #28103

that looked great dMow. I could see the rides, where you hammered, hear you working it. interesting to watch.

Dennis Mowry
11/21/20 #28104

I was winded mainly from paddling upwind, ha ha. I don't get out enough so I breathe like that anytime I paddle.
The waves and the boat did all the downwind work.

It is fun watching the waves. It's difficult seeing Ana approaching in the distance.


David Hooper
11/22/20 #28105

Nice, Dennis! That Flex sure seems sweet in the waves. Was your GoPro on your head? When I did that for my first paddling video, I was amazed at how loud my breathing was. That's partly why I put music to mine - helped hide the huffing and puffing!

Dave H.


11/24/20 #28123

After Windows Movie Maker went away, I kind of got out of doing any kind of real editing and was just trimming my videos into short clips on the photo editor.

This discussion kind of renewed my interest, and I decided to see what I could do with the Windows Video Editor App which, apparently, is available on anything equipped with Windows 10. Here's what I came up with from today's downwind paddle.

Dennis Mowry
11/27/20 #28146

The GoPro was mounted on a head strap. I was trying it out to see which angle would work. I think it should be facing downward a little more. One nice thing about using the head strap is I turned it sideways on my head when surfing next to LG. It's easier than constantly looking sideways. Also it could be faced backwards. The head mount takes some getting use to turning on & off, which saves batteries. It's a little difficult getting my hands back into the pogies. I tried the stern mount which shows the paddler but my batteries quit before I turned around, I've since gotten new batteries and thinking of buying the 1600 mAh battery for that purpose. 1 hr/ verses 45 min? Any feedback on the max batteries anybody?

It is fun but with all the work involved in editing I'm not sure how long I can keep it up. Maybe there's a place for ghetto vids.

Dennis Mowry

11/27/20 #28147

Does anyone need a set of batteries for a GoPro 3. I have a brand new pair sent to me by mistake.
Just let me know,

Paul Reavley

11/27/20 #28150


If you get 3rd party batteries I will be interested in how they turn out. I got some cheapo “Artman” 1480 mAh batteries for my Hero 7 Black and they are fine for dryland activities where it is easy to swap out batteries. But my Artman batteries only last 2/3 of the time that my original 1220 mAh GoPro battery lasts.

Dennis Mowry
11/27/20 #28151

Mine are Wasabi, 3-4 yrs old. They don't last that long now so they sent new ones, which was nice. They got mixed up and sent 3's, so they sent another pair of 5's and said to pass on the 3s.

I got them today. I'll try them out and let you know.

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