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Paddling Cross Beam Videos

Specialized Video Collections

Reivers Dustin: “…On those side-beam things you have to be able to wobble and bend but still have enough pull to keep boat speed. Can't be bracing, you gotta adjust on the fly with your power strokes. Once you stall, then its just so hard to get boat speed again…”

Some tide races (see tide race videos), if you have the skills and prep to paddle in them safely can also provide plenty of side wave action…

Lake Lucerne

Sydney Harbour

Skälderviken - Leif Davidsson: “very technical paddling and most of the time crossing waves”

Sawtell - Coffs Harbour, NSW, Australia

Ostseecup Germany

Tenerife, Canary Islands (common scenario - cross beam at the start and/or end, going with the waves during downwind)

Börgerende, Baltic Sea

Jasper Mocke Working Cross Swell

Nordic Surfski Champs 2021

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