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What to look for in a coach plus a list of potential choices for a remote coach (online and/or traveling). Local coaches may be listed on the page that represents the community where they are based in the Places To Paddle section of the wiki (we could use more of these listings!).

Good coaches are often very versatile - Steve Scoggins and Simon Brownlie (photo from BCKST facebook)


What to look for in a Coach

  • ICF Ocean Racing Coaching Manual This 2016 manual assembled by Dawid Mocke with a large list of contributors can suggest some of the knowledge and skills you should expect a surfski paddling coach to provide even if you are not interested in racing. Be cautious with the included survey of relative/recommended safety equipment. This was a worldwide poll and included paddlers who paddle little if at all in cold water and also paddlers who do not paddle where there are reliable rescue services using VHF. Your priorities might need to be high also for equipment like a VHF radio if it makes more sense where and how you paddle. The list of contributors at the end of the document may include someone who coaches in your vicinity or who can recommend a good coach.


In Person Lessons

  • If local coaches have been added to this website, they will be listed in their locales in the Places To Paddle section of the wiki
  • Or are you looking for multi-day training camps?

Online Programs

While most of these coaches may offer in-person lessons, they also offer coaching/training from a distance online. There are some differences in the level of focus and assistance on fitness vs technique provided by various programs. And within a number of them there are also different levels/costs available for technique and performance analysis (video, training data review, etc).