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Brazil (Brasil) Surfski

Fortaleza area beach photo:


Downwinding and Boat Wake Surfing in Brazil


Downwinds & Surfing

(Fortaleza is indeed a ways from Rio, but not 5000 km, more like 2500 - 3000 km driving, depending on your route)

(Coastline South to North)

  • São José - Florianópolis (aka Floripa) area
  • Paranaguá
    • Pontal do Sul - Paranaguá - Pontal do Sul 38 km video
    • Praia do Leste - Currais - Pontal do Sul 33 km (big curve) video
    • Rio Itiberê shipping traffic - surfing boat wakes
  • São Paulo area
  • Rio de Janiero area
    • Angra dos Reis video
    • Búzios - Cabo Frio 22 km
    • Macae to Rio das Ostras 20 km Downwindfun
  • Vitória
  • Jacaraipe, Serra
  • Todos Santos Bay
  • Maceió
    • Surf
      • Praia de Ponta Verde video
  • Fortaleza and NW (home to Molokabra Races)

    The city of Fortaleza is the 4th most populous in Brazil and is an important industrial and commerce center. The Fortaleza area is known for its consistent trade winds and is popular among kitesurfers for downwinders from website: “ …the wind blowing at its peak between August and October. These stable trade winds blow with a force generally varying between 15 and 30 knots. An interesting thing to know is that, in principle, the more you go up the coast, the stronger the wind is. Therefore, with this special downwind trip between Fortaleza and Jericoacoara, you will go up the coast, upping the intensity of the spots as the journey goes on, to finish at Préa known for its thrilling winds of 30 knots. ”

  • Downwind Runs
    • The Fortaleza Run 30km (18 mile) downwind down the beautiful coast. The run typically starts at Mucuripe Beach and ends at Cumbuco Beach. (SE wind)
      • Combuco Options
        • Praia do Futuro - Cumbuco SE 35 km
        • Praia do Mucuripe - Cumbuco SE 30 km
        • Praia do Iracema - Cumbuco SE 25 km
        • Barra do Ceará - Cumbuco SE 18 km
        • Cumbuco - Paracuru SE 43 km
        • Cumbuco - Taiba SE 30 km
    • Praia de Lagoinha - Praia de Baleia SE 42 km
    • Icarai de Amontada
      • Guajiru - Icarai SE 51 km
      • Flecheiras - Icarai 46 km
      • Praia de Baleia - Icarai SE 27 km
    • Prea - Guriu E? 33 km
    • Parnaiba the wind and beaches don't end near Fortaleza - check out the coast farther on….kite surfing video

“One of the best runs I did outside of Hawaii was this downwind race in Fortaleza Brazil. We started at a beach right in the town of Fortaleza and finished on another beach 10 miles down the coast, but the wind kept strong along the coast for miles and miles. It was one of those epic surf from start to finish with approx. 30 knots of wind all the way”. - Andrea Moller

Amazon River -we hear reports of wind blowing against tide and building downwind waves conditions like the Columbia Gorge, but no details yet…


Tidal Bores

More About Tidal Bores

The tidal bores in Brazil seem to be all in the general area of the Amazon estuary. We're going to assume you won't be surfskiing there without significant knowledge and safety support.

“Pororoca” = tidal bore

Surf kayaking on the Amazon pororoca - Corran Addison