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Sea Nature

John Rybczyk
Apr 13 #26555

Although surfy bay waves are the most fun, I also very much like the dead calm for optimal nature viewing conditions. To this end, there's a nice big flock of Bonaparte's Gulls hanging around the bay right now. These are small white gulls, almost tern like, with black heads (like a Laughing Gull if you know those). They also have a distinctive voice, a grating…grrrrr, an almost electric sounding rasp, more term-like than a gull like. I saw a flock of about 200 of them today in Chuckanut Bay and others have reported seeing them as well. Anyway, they are one of my favorites. I wouldn't go so far as to call them friendly, but they are not that skitterish. They are migrating through on their way north and we will see them again starting in July at the start of the Fall migration.

See you on the water, but not too close,


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