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Kayakdemar Spanish surfski forum screenshot

Surfski (may have other paddler types participating also)

Downwind Run Collections (User Provided)

websites where paddlers/foilers/etc. can lookup/enter details about downwind runs anywhere in the world. These are a new development coming along with the increasing popularity of multiple watersports that enjoy downwinding.

Blogs & Forums


Social Media


  • video collected from various social media sites, youtube, instagram, facebook…

Outrigger Canoe

  • Rambo's Locker Ian Newland doesn't seem to be adding to this anymore but there are good past posts. (Is Rambo still transfixed with Ninja Warrior training?)

Marathon Racing

Sea Kayak

Sea kayaking forums can be a good source of information on tides, weather, tidal races, good launch sites, etc.



  • StandupZone this is primarily for boarding, but can have good information about downwinding locations
  • Fitness Paddling blog covering all kinds of paddling
  • The Paddler's Guide Just about every kind of paddling other than surfskis (these guys haven't really caught on about surfskis yet (2023)) but they may have some gear advice that is helpful
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