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Bellingham Repair

If you want to increase the likelihood that everything gets done to your specifications, it is not a bad idea to provide a written list/description of your repair request(s) possibly with photos for the repair shop that you wind up hiring. Sometimes repair folks may operate like waiters who think they can remember your whole order but don't.

Paddle Repair

Boat Repair

  • Chris Baker - artisan alloys - Professional fabricator. primary experience with OCs. First review Jan 2021 from Brian Flannelly for work on his Ares is positive. Can also do welding (pedal repair…)
    • 360-303-7401
    • address near Bellingham HS
  • Fiberglass Supply - Burlington, WA, this is where Dan Hund used to get all of his repair supplies.
  • Riley Ghio Community Boating Center (Fairhaven) Fleet Manager/Professional Sailor - fiberglass work, we're not sure about diversity of boat repair experience 360-22four-37ate4
  • Sterling Kayaks - has new owners, Sterling Kayaks (they are reportedly next door to the old shop on Meridien)
  • Wes Freshour - boat repair and paint (not a lot of reviews yet - as of 2020, but initial ones are very positive on quality and cost (did work on Ana Swetish's ski and Jesse Allen's OC). Wes seems to currently have a pretty small business so repair may take some time…)
    • 360-629-2568
    • 32916 44th Ave Nw Stanwood WA

Options Farther Away From Bellingham

Specialty/Custom Work

  • Tom Swetish designer/maker (made custom SUPs in the past). When he is not inventing patented boating accessories or consulting with large businesses he might be able to make a custom part (3-D printing also) that you otherwise cannot find or replace if he has the time?
  • ….

Sup Repair

No Longer Doing Boat Repair

  • Dan Hund (closed boat repair shop 2019) As of 2022 facebook Dan is in Chemainus, BC on Vancouver Island and doing boat repair on a limited basis
    • 360 441 9331 ??
  • K & D Composites Blaine, WA. - Keith Karling - phasing out his repair work as of Jan. 2020
  • Robbie Kane - No longer doing boat repair
  • Sterling Donalson-built, customized, and repaired boats, now retired

If you can't find anyone local who specializes in surfski repair you may also want to consider local yacht repair shops for simple patch and paint repairs.

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