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Argentina Surfski


  • Buenos Aires
    • Rio Urion sea kayak wave surfing video (in Tigre suburb of B.A.) this is a distributary of the Rio Parana in Buenos Aires which joins the Rio San Antonio.
    • Kite Beach (aka Peru Beach) clearly can have wind because kiters play there. Would it be good for laps? This beach is not far from river estuaries.
  • Rada Tilly coastal kite surfing spot. Downwinding? Not great for inexperienced paddlers because the average wind direction is from the west - offshore. The coastline is curved to the NE north of town so some days with SW might work for downwinders to the north.
  • Villa La Angostura - another kiting site - potential for downwinding? Fairly remote, probably quite cold water.

Clubs and Groups



Local Water Conditions


  • Epic Kayaks Brazil - in Rio Grande do Sul Brasil which is not a long distance from Buenos Aires


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