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Adaptive Paddling

We encourage contributors to to include information on adaptive paddling programs on the places to paddle pages for their specific locales. Outrigger style canoes with their added stability may be more advanced in variety and sophistication in adaptive programs. Sea Kayaks and other kayak styles (particularly plastic sit on top) have also probably been used longer and more extensively in adaptive paddling programs in comparison to surfskis with their relative fragility and primary instability. But there seems to be no reason why some of the adaptive techiques used in such boats cannot be used in a surfski. If needed, there have been a number of ways (Huki example) to add outriggers to surfskis for added stability. Along with general info on adaptive techiques we will also try to post links to some examples of well developed adaptive paddling organizations here which among other things may offer ready avenues to competition if one is interested.

Paracanoe Racing - turn on closed captions to get translation

Adaptive How To



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